Fetal Pig Anatomy

Topics: Kidney, Renal artery, Minor calyx Pages: 3 (452 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Lab 1
Pre LAB Report
Week 9

Fetal Pig I
–External Anatomy, Thoracic Cavity, Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Systems, plus Muscles.

Week 9

* Objective
* To gain an understanding of the Fetal Pig Anatomy

I. External anatomy

* The body of fetal pigs is divided by three main parts, such as the head, neck, and trunk. They have also the tails which is located in the posterior end of the trunk. The trunk can be separated two divisions. First one is the anterior thorax and another is the posterior abdomen, separated internally by the muscular diaphragm. * The fetal pig have distinctive organ called an umbilical cord. This helps get some nutrient from mother pig to fetal baby. This is connected among mother and its fetal pig. * They have 2 pair of appendages including with forelimbs and hindlimbs. The limbs of the pig are directed ventrally rather than laterally as in the case of the frog studied previously. It means that the difference among them is high advantages to form advance vertebrates and link with the evolution of the rapid and efficient locomotion characteristic of most mammals.

II. To be able to locate, identify, and explain the functions of the organs of the renal system including: kindney
renal pelvis
III. To be able to identify vasculature relating to the renal system including: Descending aorta
Inferior vena
Renal Portal System
Renal Artery
Renal Vein
IV. To be able to locate, isolate, and explain the function of the parts of the kidney including: 0 Cortex
0 Renal Pyramid
1 Renal Minor Calyx
2 Renal Major Calyx
0 Medulla

Citation (Reference)
1. General Zoology Laboratory Guide, 15th Ed, Chalse F. Lytle & John R. Meyer. 2. http://entomology.umd.edu/focus/systematics/morphology...
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