Week 2: Week 2:Assignment: Seven Organizational Approaches

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Appendix D

Seven Organizational Approaches

A.Use the matrix below to describe each approach to organizing information about the body. Discuss how each approach can be used.

Approach| Describe the approach| How might the approach be used?| Body planes and directions| Body planes and directions approach is the division of the body in sections by using the midsagittal plane, the coronal plane, and the transverse plane. This also includes movement toward and away from these planes.| This approach might be used when studying particular organs and its surroundings functions.| Body cavities| The body cavity approach is the study of the body cavities and the organs in them.| It is used when studying specific organs in the body. As well as how a disease is effecting a number of different organs in the human body.| Quadrant and regions| The approach is the division of the lower torso area into the four quadrant sections or none region sections to help identify the areas in which the internal organs are placed.| It is a good approach to use as a good reference when performing a physical exam of the internal organs.| Anatomy and physiology| This is the study of structures of the human body and the study of the function and workings of them.| This is a good approach to use if you wanted to study the structures and working of the nervous system.| Microscopic-to-macroscopic | This approach is the study of the bodies smallest parts an dhow they work to make more complicated systems.| This is a good approach to use when studying how cells form and come together to form tissues to form organs.| Body systems| This approach is the study of the bodies many organs and how they work in the body.| This would be a great approach to use when studying systems of the body like the respiratory system, and their functions.| Medical specialty| This approach is the study of the human body according to the practice of...
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