Females Are in the Majority in Universities

Topics: Higher education, High school, Female Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Topic: Females are in the majority in Universities. Identify one main cause for this factor and present argument in support your claim. Over the years it has become a trend for females to dominate our universities. But why is this so? Have males decided to just be lazy? Or are they being marginalized? There are many factors that contribute to this. These factors include women being more career-oriented and putting off starting a family until after earning a degree. Secondly, the fact that females have been outshining males academically during primary and secondary school years. However, the main cause of this disparity is that of socialization. Firstly, Females have become more career-oriented since the twenty first (21) century. Many women are now delaying family life for education. In former years more women stayed at home and tended to the family; children and husband, but as time progressed, in some instances ,women were forced to seek employment outside of the home due to the harsh economic climate worldwide and therefore had to seek upward mobility through education. A higher percentage of females are now enrolling in tertiary level institutions in order to further empower themselves. With the improvement of their educational status they are able to fetch higher earning jobs and are therefore providing a better quality of life for their family. For example, Mary used to be a ‘stay at home mother’ and had to rely solely on her husband .She decided to enrol in a university and pursue her undergraduate studies in Business Administration and work part-time. With this upgrading of her educational status she has now earned a level of independence and her earning power has increased. Secondly, during the primary and secondary years of their school lives females have outshined males, according to statistics. Females have always been more focused and disciplined at their school work. During these years while girls used to be busy doing assignments and other...
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