Female Genital Mutilation

Topics: Human rights, Women's rights, Female genital cutting Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Female Genital Mutilation

Orville L. Caval

Composition I – English 1301
Professor Melinda S. Hernandez
6 February 2013


Thesis: Young women around the world need to be protected from the brutal practice of female genital mutilation. I.Opposition
a.Many organizations and governments are trying to persuade countries to implement social policies restricting or banning the practice.

a.Some people fully support the practice as part of their culture and society. Female Genital Mutilation
Almost every person living in the United States would assume that the human race has made great progress concerning protecting the basic human rights. The majority of the population that shares this belief likely does not have exposure to the everyday occurrence of human rights violations that occur around the world. Citizens of many countries do not have the protection of basic human rights and suffer atrocities that would be condemned in our society. One of the many brutalities that people face around the world is the practice of female genital mutilation. Female genital mutilation is the praxis of excising or altering all or part of the clitoris; in some cultures they are notorious for stitching the labia together. (McKinnon) This practice, although seen by us as impermissible, is generally accepted in the cultures that they are practiced in. Around the world females still are not seen as equal to men, notably in eastern cultures: Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The cultures and societies that have differing sexual standards for males and females are more susceptible to this practice.

Female genital mutilation is an ethical issue that has attracted tremendous attention from world leaders and organizations all over the world. ‘"Female genital mutilation and cutting is a violation of the basic rights of women and girls," said Carol Bellamy, executive director of the UN's Children's Agency (UNICEF), on February 7 2005, the...
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