Female and Male Sexual Repsonse

Topics: Sexual arousal, Sexual intercourse, Orgasm Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Andrea Hairston
Biology of Sex
February 4, 2013

Male and Female Sexual Response

As we all know, the human body’s sexual responses have been explained and defined in many different ways. There are religious aspects and beliefs that in some cultures play a major role in a person’s sexual response. In the text Sexuality Today, we learn a lot about the male and female sexual response and how they are similar and different in some ways. I will be explaining the Masters and Johnson Four-Phase Model, and how they observed the sexual responses of the men and woman in their own lab. They noticed many similarities in responses between the two sexes.

The Master and Johnson Four-Phase model has four phases that both men and women go through to reach their sexual response. The first Phase is the Excitement Phase, where the body begins to show the signs of sexual arousal. Blood is routed to the pelvic region, resulting in the earliest signs of arousal, such as erection of the penis and clitoris and vaginal lubrication. The intensity of the body’s reaction to sexual arousal gradually builds to a higher level. This brings us to the second phase called the Plateau phase. This phase can be a major highlight of sexual response. It builds up tension, and it will eventually lead to having an orgasm, the third stage. The Orgasm phase only last for about a couple of seconds. After this phase, the body relaxes and returns to its normal state. These results in the last stage called the Resolution Phase, the relaxation phase (Human Sexual Arousal and Response, pg. 80-81). Individual Differences in Sexual Response

There are more physiological similarities than differences in the sexual responses of males and females. Both females and males experience pelvic vasocongestion and a general buildup of the muscular tension. Orgasm is very similar in both sexes, although it may not always be experienced. On average, males tend to reach orgasm more rapidly than females, but this...
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