How Do Evolutionary Psychologist Explain Male-Female in Courtship and Sexuality?

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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1.How do evolutionary psychologist explain male-female in courtship and sexuality?

Evolutionary psychologist explains the male and female behaviors to sex. They explain what a male wants most from a female and what a female is looking for. For instance, like what a male will do to get what he wants out of a female even if it has to get violent. Along with female, females will take time to look for a male to have sexual intercourse with,

Evolutionary psychologist studies appears that males are more disposed in many sexual relationship then females. In other words, it means the males generally want sex more often. They tend to look for the youth and beauty in a women because youthful women are more fertility. Males are also more violent and more pushy then females which in some cases leads to rape. They are more sexually jealous and controlling then females because if his mate was having sexual intercourse with another male, he will never be sure if her child will be 100% genetically his.

In the other hands, women are more committed to being in a relationship. They are less sexually active than men. Women tend to focus on his financial resource when searching for a mate. They will also look into his status. The male has to have the ability to provide the support and resources needed for there off springs later in life and also for her. Women are more cautious when it comes to courtship and sexual relationship because they are more dedicated in parenting then the males.
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