Fedex Analysis

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  • Published : October 19, 2008
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Kim VanDeven

FedEx Corporation

Case Summary:
Federal Express is a delivery service company, founded by Frederick W. Smith in 1973. While at Yale, he had a vision of an overnight delivery service designed to transport business packages globally. He found investors willing to contribute $90 million dollars, making it the largest company ever funded by a venture capital. Smith turned FedEx into a global shipping power.

Key Service Marketing Issues:
Customers/ Services: FedEx has a strong adherence to its People-Service-Profit philosophy; it provides reliable, competitive, global air-ground transportation of goods and documents that require quick delivery. The key position is to influence the customer’s perception of the service provider. It is important to set standards to improve quality services provided by employees and monitor their performance.

People: Continuous improvement of management’s leadership. Service: 100 percent customer satisfaction.
Profit: Goal is much like any other company’s goals.
Markets: Offering same-day, overnight and second-day delivery of packages to 210 different countries every day. They will need to continue to grow globally without forgetting about the customers they have already. Brand Identity: FedEx has a strong brand image and is the most recognized name in the express delivery service segment. They spend millions of dollars on advertisement to keep knowledge of their services. Technology: FedEx is very dependent on their technology. As more competition in the global markets arises FedEx will need to keep their systems up to date. Technology is the key to their success. This is how they track their services.

Personal Case Analysis: There are three things that have guided Federal Express through the years: customer satisfaction starts with employee satisfaction, service quality measured and superior innovation. Through the years there have been bumps...
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