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Information Systems

Maruti Suzuki

1. What were the business challenges facing Maruti Suzuki management prior to adopting the Oracle suite ?

Because of the fact that Indian automobile industry market is the faster growing in the world, Maruti Suzuki has to cope with a growing demand, an extent of the company which is the leader on the Indian automobile market. Indeed, Maruti Suzuki needed an efficient technological tool which inter-connects the different sectors of the company, and permit the different actors (manufacturers, vendors) to work efficiently together.

2. What advantages does Maruti Suzuki derive from working with a single vendor, Oracle ? What are the possible risks of working with a single vendor ?

Advantages :
* It’s a single tool, so the staff don’t have to learn how using other software services. They use additional applications of Oracle but not really new tools. It’s time saving. * Oracle knows exactly the expectations of Maruti Suzuki

* The information isn’t spread away : Maruti Suzuki uses one tool, it’s more efficient. * It’s an interesting way for Maruti Suzuki to negotiate good prices with Oracle.

Risks :
* Working with one vendor may represents the fact that Maruti Suzuki doesn’t take advantage of the opportunity of competition. Maybe others vendors are more efficient and cheaper. * A dependence of Oracle is developing : if Oracle has problems in the future, Maruti Suzuki would have not other option than following Oracle’s evolution. * Oracle can take this partnership for granted and takes advantage of it.

3. What business factors were used to evaluate oracle database offerings ?

* Inter-connected
* efficient
* easy to use
4. Why is it important that oracle integrates with legacy systems?

The data has to be stored. It’s better for Maruti Suzuki to be able to use its past data to take decision in same conditions. It’s better for future decisions.

5. What were...
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