Feather Boy

Topics: Reality, Character, 2000s drama films Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: November 12, 2010
You can do it. You can fly . It all began when Catherine walked into the classroom and talked to them about the Elders’ Project. She began with a story of a prince who had been silent for a number of years. With the kingdom grieving at the muteness of the prince, the King set out a proclamation, on the Prince’s eighteenth birthday, announcing that any man or women who could make the Prince speak would receive the greatest reward. Catherine then elaborated further on the Elders’ Project, which was between students at Miss. Raynham’s 7R class and the residents at Mayfield Rest Home. Students who were selected to participate in this project included the class bully, Jonathan Niker, the pretty girl in the class, Kate Barber and the “class squit”, Robert Nobel. Robert, being the main character, was assigned to Edith Sorrel, the sick, strange, elderly woman at the rest home. When Edith Sorrel is on her death-bed, dying from cancer, she composes many different adventures for Robert to experience. Nobel finds himself climbing up the creeping stairs of the Chance House, fighting Jonathan Niker, sneaking around the house and creating a sweater full of feathers, all in the hopes that he would be able to save Mrs. Edith Sorrel’s life. I could categorize this book as realistic fiction for although it has not happened in real life, it does certainly have realistic characteristics that could occur in real life. There are projects in many schools that involve communication and interaction with rest homes, and many of the elders in such homes have memories from the past which they enjoy sharing and sometimes, need to talk about in order to receive some closure.
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