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Executive summary
The mill will be called Nyc Sugar incorporated with the meaning of bringing back the real sweet flavor of sugar into the market. The mill will have its own plant located at Ibayo, Balanga city, Bataan. This site is selected because of its strategic position, where the supplies of public and private services are adequate and the raw materials are readily available. The need of the sugar mill company is to solve the problem of sugar shortages which increases day by day in this city and also try to deal with unemployment problems which increases with time here in Bataan. This will be achieved by creating more employment opportunities for the young generation living in the city as well as outside. Raw materials

Normally sugar is used as an additive to tea and may also be added in the production of sugary products. The main raw material will be sugarcane which will undergo the following production stages. a.Harvesting of the sugarcane from the farm

b.Crashing of the sugarcane to get the contents
c.Drying of the contents to obtain solid sugar products
d.Packaging and branding and latter transporting to the market The plant will have its own sugarcane plantation near the firm as it is budgeted that about 2/3 of the total land area of the firm will be used as the plantation square and the rest will be for infrastructure. Transportation

The plant will be located in Ibaya near Balanga city where transport in not a major problem and therefore workers will easily access the plant and the transportation of the processed sugar will also be easily delivered to the market. Project long term objective

The firm shall stick to its mission of providing the best of sugar and products to the customers and ensure that it maintains the best ethical standards in the production process. It should positively respond to the environmental needs of the society and if there will be expansion needs; it will be done without overlooking its primary objectives....
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