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Background of the Study

In the early century, pillows at that time are hard and uncomfortable to use. Because that time, they only used simple stones as their pillow and from it, it developed to stuffed sacks, to down pillows, to wooden pillows. It takes a range of forms until now, pillow is fully developed because now its range span from synthetic fibers, to feather to foam. Pillows can be traced as far back as Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq) and ancient Egypt. Head rests were found in pharaohs’ tombs. Early versions were for the privileged and rich, according to “Really Useful: The Origins of Everyday Things” by Joel Levy, but they were hardly cushy. Most were solid wood, carved or curved slightly in the middle. For more than a millennium, Chinese dynasties used wood, jade, bronze, bamboo and porcelain for pillows, which were shaped like or decorated with pictures of animals, plants, humans or even geometric figures, according to chinaculture.org. Hard pillows were preferred on the theory that soft substances robbed the body of vitality and were bad for everything from blood circulation to keeping demons away. The rich and powerful in ancient Greece and Rome used softer substances including straw, reeds and feathered down. Embroidered pillows and cushions became fashionable in medieval Europe, where they are found in illuminated manuscripts, according to Cherie Fehrman, author of “A Brief History of the Pillow in Europe.” By the 16th century, pillows were increasingly commonplace, although the stuffing had to be regularly changed and the cases washed because of mold or vermin. Pillows were by then also taken to kneel on in church, while Bibles were often placed on their very own pillows. Much of today’s bedding was developed in the 19th century but not mass-produced until the 20th century. The history of pillows is the history of mankind. From simple stones to stuffed sacks, to down pillows, to wooden stand, pillow has taken on a range of forms. The basic function of pillow is to provide comfort. Today pillow span the range from synthetic fibers, to down feathers, to memory foam. The proponents choose pillow business to prove that even the product is not consumable, it can be still marketable and profitable. The proponents think that they can make a good marketing strategy in selling the product. They want to make innovations in this product to make it more attractive to the customer. The proponents will use some promotional strategies to persuade potential customers to purchase and patronize the product. Personal and online selling are used in order to encourage customer to buy.

Name of the Firm
The proponents choose PILLOW-SOFIE as the name of their business. “Sofie” come from the word soft that describes their product because as we all know pillows are soft and huggable and “pillow” is come from their main product. It can also reduce a person’s stress and make his/her sleep hours more pleasant and comfortable.

Business Form
Partnership is an arrangement where both parties agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interest. There are two types of partnership, the General partnership and the Limited partnership. General partnership is a business entity that is made up of two or more entities to carry on a trade or business. Each partner contributes money, property, labor or special skills and each partner shares in the profit and loses of the business. Limited partnership is two or more partners united to conduct a business. Jointly and which one or more of partnership is liable only to the extent of the amount of money that partners invested. The advantage of partnership is simply put more than one owner of a business introduces money to help starting a business, they combine their talents, skills and experiences. The business, PILLOW-SOFIE is a general and limited partnership wherein the proponents will share their money, talents and skills in order for the business to operate. The general partnership...
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