The Pillow Method

Topics: Sports car, Muscle car, Dodge Charger Pages: 4 (1254 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Mukailah 1

Abubakari Mukailah

Professor Heidi

Speech 115

30th January 2013

Applying the Pillow Method
According to Shakespear “ All the world’s a stage, And mean and women merely player” However to be a true player you must see the stage from others perspective. The pillow method is define in the text, Looking out looking in by Ronald Adler andRusell Proctor II, as a method for understanding an issue from several perspectives rather than with egocentric “i’m right and you’re wrong “ attitude. The name of the theory arises from the analogy that a pillow has four sides and a middle, just like most issues and problems. By looking through each side of the problem and seeing each issue from each perspective, one should be able to find value in another’s perspective. The pilow method consist of five positions. The Disagreement

The disagreement in question concerns car choice. My brother argues that sports cars are far better than muscle cars because thay are designed for high speed driving and maneuverability whereas I argue that usually sports car have a smaller engine, and better handling. They’re good for curves and sharp turns. A muscle car is less about the looks and more about getting the job done. It's better for reaching high speeds at a straight line. It also has a larger and more powerful engine. Mukailah 2

Rendering the Disagreement According to the Pillow Method
Since I own a muscle car (Dodge charger R/T), It was easier for me to explain to him why I was siding on the side of muscle cars. I was very confident that I was going to win this argument and quite frankly I think I did (self-imposed prophesy). The text Looking out Looking in explains in chapter two that “self-imposed prophecies occur when your own expectations influence your behavior. I also knew that for me to present my case properly I had to use Identity management. The text Looking out Looking in defines Identity management in chapter 2 as “...
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