Feasibility Study Paper About E-Jeepney

Topics: Nueva Ecija, Central Luzon, Science City of Muñoz Pages: 40 (11397 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Pollution is everywhere. It is one of the world’s biggest environmental battles that destroys wildlife and causes health problems to millions of people. It takes different forms of energy like heat, noise, and light. Everything can be polluted like air, water, and even the pollution itself. One thing that most of the people use which enhances pollution to our environment are the vehicles. Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation and most reliable source of transportation in the Philippines. They have become a ubiquitous symbol of Philippine culture. Since Central Luzon State University aims to provide access to higher education to more people but also to give importance to the nature, so proponents end up to this kind of business. The business is named as E-Jeepney which means Electronic Jeepney and Environmental-friendly. It is a cost-effective, environmental-friendly vehicle that not only helps prevent the environment but also minimizes the usage of fossil fuel. The main objective of this business is to serve the Central Luzon State University students, professors and all the residents of the university by providing a new source of transportation. E-Jeepney is located at Central Luzon State University Marketing Building Area, Science City of Muňoz, Nueva Ecija. It will also be a profit-oriented business that concerns to environment. E-Jeepney is not just an ordinary jeepney. It is eco-friendly, convenient, and very efficient. It sustains energy solution, global warming, and air pollution. It is guaranteed zero emission vehicle, no fuel needed, battery operated and runs silently. And it has no combustion engine, no gasoline, no transmission, and no lubricants to change, no belts, no ignition plugs, no chains and no carburetor. The proponents inspire to do a business which does not harm too much our environment and at the same time earning a profit. And they also believe to their skills to do this kind of business. Although the risk is high, they still want to pursue this business. If they have given a chance to make this dream into reality, there will be no hesitations at all. They are confident enough by knowing their efforts will be gratified. The members can manage to put up a business that they know they’re having a full knowledge. They can prove to all that their just doesn’t concentrate on profit alone, but also considering the people and environment. They hoping that this vehicle will help the country whether the rising fuel prices and help us preserve Mother Nature as well.

2.1 Highlights
2.1.1 Project Background
Name of proposed project:E-Jeepney
(Electronic Jeepney and
Type of Business Organization: General Partnership
Location of Project: Central Luzon State University
Marketing Building Area
Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija
Proponents: Maricarl S. Concepcion
Joanna May P. Corpus
Kathreen Angela N. Lamson
Joseph T. Macarulay
Madel B. Perez
Marvin Sergio L. Reyes
Roshel M. Roque
2.1.2 Management and Personnel Feasibility Summary

E-Jeepney will be headed by the manager. The proponents will hire one manager that has the overall control of the business. They also hire four drivers who are the ones who will drive and in charge in maintaining the cleanliness of E-Jeepney. And also, proponents will hire two automobile mechanics who shall be responsible on the maintenance and a utility man who will clean the head office or location of the business. The manager will be compensated at P7,000.00 monthly, P24,000.00 monthly to the drivers, P6,000.00 monthly to the automobile mechanics, and P2,000.00 monthly to the utility man. The salaries will be given twice a month, 15th and 30th day every month. Aside from that, they will receive cash incentives, clothing allowances and sick leave. And also there will be development programs like orientation, trainings and motivation...
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