Pollution: Global Warming and Personal Hygiene Products

Topics: Global warming, Air pollution, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: November 25, 2012

Pollution happens absolutely everywhere, every single second of the day, everywhere on earth. It happens in many city, many town, or many state. You can find pollution in cars, home electronics, personal hygiene products, natural disasters, and even your own home. Pollution is poison for anything that lives and breathes; it poisons water, air, land, humans, and animals, so it cannot to be taken lightly. As a law people should take more care of their surroundings and try harder to preserve the world we live in, even if it is inconvenient to us. Because if we don’t save ourselves, who will?

The things we could do to save our planet from pollution could reduce further destruction .Everyone is benefited when we have clean water, air, land, etc. . For example, we never hear any news about a person dying because of clean air but instead we hear news like, man died from pollution, family living in home pollution, water tests show pollution particles, the list goes on forever. By identifying the problem at an early stage, we can start to reverse the pollution process. Thus making our mother Earth cleaner.

The funny thing of all this is that though the earth is getting polluted man is least bothered about it . he doesn’t know that he himself is digging his own grave because pollution not only spoils his own health but also worsens his quality of life. People in cities who are exposed to various kinds of pollution suffer from several ailments like high blood pressure, asthma and skin diseases. Garbage thrown around leads to break out of epidemics like cholera, malaria, chikungunya etc. Poisonous chemicals from the air as well as our water bodies have recently caused an exponential rise in cancer cases.\ Scientists say that it is still not late to act, and governments all over the world have started acting. Countries are trying their best to control pollution by adopting measures like control of  CO2 emissions, using clean fuels, proper waste...
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