Feasibility Study for Airline Reservation

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Problem Definition

The definition of our problem lies in a fully automated and a technical system which is updated with the tools of latest trend like the internet as compared to a manual system which is more prone to errors and sometimes where the approach to various problems is unstructured.

Our main objectives:

Faster System
Reservations and cancellations from any where to any place
Best deals with attractive prices


1. The user must first login to the site.
2. An already registered user can directly access the site by typing the correct user name and password.
3. A new user can click a link for registration. Member Registration module helps the new user to register into the site by providing details like name, date of birth, gender, address,email,phone,password etc.

4. The information entered by the users is added into the table registration. 5. After registration air ticket request module helps the user to make a request for Air Ticket. User can reserve the seats in particular flights(mentioning source and destination) by using the flights date and time. The user can enter the number of seats required and the details of the passengers by specifying adult or child.

6. All available flights from source to destination and their prices are then generated.
7. After choosing a particular flight, the user is then asked to enter his credit/ debit card details and payment is done by checking the legality of the card holder.
8. Air Ticket confirmation module helps the user to confirm the air ticket and a PNR number is displayed.
9. This PNR number can be used for cancellation.
10. A logout link is used to exit from the site.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility study is to check the viability of the project under consideration.

The key aspects to be considered for the feasibility of an airline ticket reservation project are:

Encrypting the...
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