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Unawatuna Beach is lovely and picturesque, semi-circular stretch of golden sands boarder with coconut palm trees located 4km's southward around the coast of Galle where is paradise for all who desire to listen to the silence of the sea and dive deep into the blue waters of the ocean. There is a reef protecting the beach, which makes it perfectly safe for bathing and this beach is voted as one of the "top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world" by the Discovery Channel and Mark Ellingham, the founder of 'Rough Guides'. A single line of footprints crosses the golden sand towards the Indian Ocean, which spills softly onto the beach. Beyond the stretch of calm, indigo-blue sea, a line of breaking waves marks the coral reef where recreational divers discover vividly colored tropical fish and living corals. Sri Lanka offers over 1,300 kilometers of idyllic sandy beaches. With its year-round summer and two different weather systems, whatever the time of year, there’s always a beach with sunshine and a choice of calm seas or steady surf depending on what you feel like. There’s a beach for all tastes, budgets and seasons in the lovely island of Sri Lanka.


This Beach Resort has its potential to develop because of its natural features that faces in the open seas. The only problem of this Beach resort is, it is not yet fully developed, there are so many things to do in order to noticed this to other countries and to be attract by the foreign and Local Tourist. If the Government will support this, it may be one of the highlights Beach Resort here in Sri Lanka. But still it lacks accommodations to cater the needs and wants of the guest, landscapes of the Beach Resort to add beautification and also the preservation of the environment is one big impact to achieve sustainable tourism.


Therefore, if this Beach Resort will be realized it will become one of the tourist spot in this country so that the tourism industry of Sri Lanka will be more grow and more developed, and also to promote sustainable and eco-friendly tourism. My Recommendation is to add some Landscapes, extra accommodations that can cater the needs and wants of the guest/tourist to meet their satisfaction and expectation to this Beach Resort that will soon to be develop.


Coron Island’s majestic presence just off the coast of a tourist service center (Poblacion of Coron) and its accessibility to the two gateways (Reyes Airport in YKR and the PPA Seaport in the Poblacion of Coron) make TDA-1 a major tourist destination. As the largest mass and as the home of Kayangan Lake, several lagoons, limestone cliffs and the rich Tagbanua culture, Coron Island is undoubtedly the “must see” destination in TDA-1. It has enough sights and activities (e.g., beach, snorkeling, kayaking) within the island to sustain interest for a whole day.


To make it one of the tourist spot in the Philippines, this island must promote through Government support, if this island will developed more the tourism industry of the Philippines may be increase because of its pristine beauty of the island, This Island done have any amenities that can cater to the guest, it has no accommodations, water transportations for the tourist and other activities that encourage the tourist to visit the place. In this Island there are many opportunities to build new tourism activities like built some having a Islet Hopping, Scuba Diving, Snorkling, mountain hiking.


Therefore, if this Island will be realized and developed more, there is a chance to become of the highlights of the Philippines and it will increase the tourism Industry of the country for the tourist who will visit here in this island to explore and to experience a different kind of adventure. My Recommendations is to...
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