Sri Lankan Tourism Industry

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Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (Level 07) Unit 01 – Emerging Themes

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Tourism industry includes, attracting tourists from local and foreign nations. Now- a- days, most of the countries highly pay their attention on upgrading tourism industry as it boosts the economy and finally the countries will be benefited from the industry. Country to country the target markets and product types are different. That means countries like Dubai, Switzerland promote tourism as a luxury product but countries like India, Malaysia, Maldives and Sri Lanka promote tourism as an economic product where travelers can afford the prices of hotels, foods and etc. With the popularity of tourism industry and its’ benefits, so many concepts were emerged such as Medi tourism, eco tourism. Countries differentiated its products based on various concepts. However in Sri Lanka, for tourism industry, there is an emerging market, after the thirty years of war. When looking at Sri Lanka’s point of view, there is a vast opportunity to marketers in this industry among locals and foreign countries. The geographic location of Sri Lanka is also an additional advantage to the country to promote tourism industry as a differentiated product among various visitors across the globe. Sri Lanka is a country which has enough natural resources to attract travelers and those recourses are inherited as blessing of the Mother Nature. Virgin beaches, wonderful mountains, natural and non-polluted air at up country, two climatic differences within the same geography attract more and more travelers. As a result of above reasons Sri Lanka becomes a world’s strategic point of global tourism.


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Tourism is one of emerging industries in Sri Lanka especially in post war period. Within last two decades, where ethnic conflict existed in Sri Lanka clear decrease in tourist arrivals were noted. Especially after the airport attack by rebels, substantial decline in tourism arrivals were experienced. It is a very clear fact that war situation creates more barriers to promote tourism industry. Presently the war condition is over and therefore it has created big opportunity to Sri Lanka to promote tourism industry. When considering about the relative importance of the tourism industry as a national income generator, it is the fourth best income earning industry in Sri Lanka according to the publications by Central Bank of Sri Lanka-2007. To upgrade tourism sector there should be good infrastructure systems. Recently government has undertaken many large scale projects for construction of roads and high ways and port development activities. As a result of those facilitating activities and prevailing peace condition, the tourist arrivals were increased and expected to increase in the future. The following graph explains the increase of tourist arrivals. Further the trend line explains that there will be great boom of arrivals in the future. 70000

tourst arrivals of sri Lanka 2009-2010


50000 num ber of tourist arrivals





0 Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun09 09 09 09 09 09 Jul- Aug- Sep- Oct- Nov- Dec- Jan- Feb- Mar- Apr- May- Jun09 09 09 09 09 09 10 10 10 10 10 10 months Jul10

Source: Monthly Statistical Bulletin of Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority


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The following publications were selected because of the ability to reach the expected customer segment, circulation, readership, and the coverage of the particular article. When evaluating available publications, the following five publications were selected as effective medias.

Sunday times is one of the popular week end news papers in Sri Lanka as well as across the globe. Hence this news paper and the online publications can be...
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