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UNIX Protection Scheme
Lacey MacPhail

POS 355
Alicia Pearlman

UNIX Protection Scheme
There is an operation system that supports 5,000 users, and the company only wants to allow 4,990 users permission to access one file. In order to have a protection scheme in UNIX, a number of operations need to be performed first in order for this to work. UNIX file management hierarchy is very essential to know in order to understand and devise a plan that will allow this protection scheme to protect the files. Without knowledge of the hierarchy of the file management system within the UNIX operating system, there is no way that the 4,990 will have access to only one file. A file access control scheme will be the design of UNIX operating system. Therefore, user ids and passwords are needed in order to gain access to the system. All users of the UNIX operating system will each be given a user id and a user password. These user ids and passwords will be kept by the assigned users only. The protection of these ids and passwords depend on how well the user protects them. Encryptions and decryptions can also be used when the users are attempting to login. The administrator can put each user into different groups that allow access or deny access to certain files within the operating system. By doing this, there can be control on who can access what file due to the permission given to them by the administrator. The administrator is referred to as the super user because he or she has access to all files throughout the operating system. Now, there are users assigned to their designated group within the operating system. Each group has certain privileges and restrictions throughout the operating system which were assigned by the system administrator. The administrator will be able to determine who deserves what privilege, and who has to be restricted from accessing certain files. In other words, 4,990 users will be grouped together to have...
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