Fdr and Obama

Topics: New Deal, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Great Depression Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: March 25, 2013
The First Hundred Days
1. The first hundred days of the presidency between Obama and Roosevelt (FDR) share a common similarity. Both, FDR and Obama entered office at a time when an economic crisis was taking place. In moments of despair, these men showed the willingness to make America better by giving the people hope. As a result, Congress passed several bills that were essential to the growth of the economy and businesses. Similar to FDR’s emergency banking bill, Obama creates a 1,000 page emergency stimulus bill of $787 billion on February 17 of 2009. According to ‘The American Spectator’, President Obama used the economic emergency to pass massive a spending bill that would spend $25, 000 per second every second of the year. (Folsom Par. 2). Obama, like FDR has already begun centralizing power in the executive branch. He moved the Census Bureau into the executive department from the Commerce Department, to control the counting of the U.S. population for the 2010 census (Folsom Par. 3). As a way to solve global warming, billions of dollars from Obama’s stimulus package is used to increase spending on renewable energy which transports electrical power used from wind farms to major cities (Henschen and Sidlow 358). Equal to FDR’s CCC projects, Obama’s Department of Transportation approved 2,500 highway projects to provide more transportation (Stein Par. 7). In reminiscent of Obama’s stimulus package, FDR’s New Deal was set to promote employment and economic growth. The New Deal fixed the banking crisis, reached out to the unemployed, established a program to help farmers and established a public works program (Winkler 80). President Franklin Roosevelt supported many new federal programs during the Great Depression. In his attempt to free the United States from the Great Depression, he made his New Deal, which involved many government spending and public-assistance programs. His effort of launching the New Deal is a model of cooperative federalism, which...
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