Theodre Roosevelt and Harry Truman

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Theodore Roosevelt and Harry Truman have many similarities and differences. They both had great impacts on the United States of America during their presidential terms. These two individuals have greatly affecting American history today.

Theodore Roosevelt and Harry Truman were both great presidents during their times. Theodores presidential term was in the early 1900s to 1909 and Truman became president because of the sudden death of FDR in 1940s. Both of these men had experience in the federal government before their presidential term. They both were the vice presidents of America. Roosevelt and Truman actually had a lot in common.

Foreign Policy was big for both of them. They felt to help the smaller uncivilized nations. Truman became president because he was in the middle of a war crisis. After FDR died, Truman had to take his place as president.

In the middle of warfare Truman had a great deal of pressure on him but managed. As for Roosevelt, he too was in shock when Mckinley died. He knoew then that he had to take over. As for his second term he ran and won because of his opponent ended up passing away. Roosevelt ran without an opponent and easily declared a victory in 1904. They were also both of the same party which was democratic. They did have a lot of differences also.

These two American leaders also had brought benefits. They each had had their own contributions to history. Theodore Roosevelt especially made great contributions to American soil during his time. He was known as a conservationist. He believed that American citizens should conserve our natural resources as much as possible. He saw himself as a historian because he was President of the American Historical Association and as a naturalist because he was considered as an authority to saving large mammals and led two scientific journeys for different American Museums. Even if he didn't become President, he would have been remembered for his...
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