Fdi in Service Sector in India

Topics: Economy, Tertiary sector of the economy, Investment Pages: 11 (3170 words) Published: May 24, 2011
Narendra Singh Bohra.,et.al., Int. J. Eco. Res., 2011, 2(2), 10-18

ISSN: 2229-6158

FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT (FDI) IN INDIA SERVICE SECTOR (A STUDY OF POST LIBERALIZATION) Dr. Arjun Singh Sirari, Principal, Government UG College, Satpuli (Pauri), Uttarakhand Mr. Narendra Singh Bohra, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management, Graphic Era University, Dehradun ABSTRACT FDI is a tool for economic growth through its strengthening of domestic capital, productivity and employment. FDI also plays a vital role in the up gradation of technology, skills and managerial capabilities in various sectors of the economy. The present paper attempts to analyze significance of the FDI Inflows in Indian service sector since 1991 and relating the growth of service sector FDI in generation of employment in terms of skilled and unskilled. Key Words: FDI, Service Sector, Employment

INTRODUCTION FDI to developing countries in the 1990s was the leading source of external financing and has become a key component of national development strategies for almost all the countries in the world as a vehicle for technology flows and an important source of non-debt inflows for attaining competitive efficiency by creating a meaningful network of global interconnections. FDI provide opportunities to host countries to enhance their economic development and opens new opportunities to home countries to optimize their earnings by employing their ideal resources. India ranks fifteenth in the services output and it provides employment to around 23% of the total workforce in the country. The various sectors under the Services Sector in India are construction, trade, hotels, transport, restaurant, communication and storage, social and personal services, community, insurance, financing, business services, and real estate. Need and importance of the study The flow of FDI in Indian service sector is boosting the growth of Indian economy, this sector contributing the large share in the growing GDP of India. This sector attracting a significant portion of total FDI in Indian economy and it has shown especially in the second decade (2000 2010) of economic reforms in India. Is this contribution of FDI in this sector is stimulating the economic growth or not, this knowledge thrust of research scholar create the interest in conducting this study. Objectives of study  To study the FDI inflows in Indian Service Sector from 1991-2010.  To study the relationship between service sector growth and India economy. Methodology of the study The study is based on secondary sources of data. The main source of data are various Economic Surveys of India and Ministry of Commerce and Industry data, RBI bulletin, online data base of Indian Economy, journals, articles, news papers, etc.

IJER | MAR - APR 2011 Available online@www.ijeronline.com


Narendra Singh Bohra.,et.al., Int. J. Eco. Res., 2011, 2(2), 10-18

ISSN: 2229-6158

Review of literature The aspects of foreign direct investment i.e. political scenario and trends are analyzed by most of the studies and they are, Bhattacharyya (1994), Jain (1994), Studies by Subramanian, et al. (1996) and Gopinath (1997) examined the determinants of FDI. Subramanian, et al. (1996) found that the availability of primary material inputs for manufacture and the large size of the domestic market for the sale of the manufactured products are the two principal economic determinant of location of FDI inflow. Other two factors that influenced the FDI are the growth rate of GDP and the level of infrastructure facility. Alvin and Wint (1992) Reviews the liberalization of FDI regulation in ten developing countries and concludes that there can be a disconnect between formal liberalization and the actual implementation of the screening process. Dornbusch and Park (1995), Observe that foreign investors pursue a positive feedback strategy, which makes stocks to overreact to change in fundamentals. Borensztin et al (1998), Examine absorptive...
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