Fauquier Gas Company

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Case Study -2


Asbel Muniz Matta

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TLMT 313
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American Military University
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Keith Wade

I. Mayor Factor
1. Mr. Bill Murphy, manager of supply management for the Fauquier Gas
Company in the Carolinas.
2. Fauquier Gas Company, as one of the nation’s 440 gas companies. 3. Served an area where land use was changing from Agricultural, Residential and Commercial. 4. Mr. Murphy is responsible for the purchases of material used in gas distribution such as fitting, pipes and meters.

5. To meet the increased demand for gas.
6. Concerned about being able to find a supplier who could deliver 3 1/2 miles of large-diameter pipe for a new residential and commercial development.
7. Request immediately contact suppliers mills and get quotations on prices and deliveries.
8. The mills’ schedules for pipe production required a substantial lead time.
9. Concerned that the mills would not be able to accommodate Fauquier’s schedule.
10. Both the design and construction organizations were under the management control of the vice president of operations.
11. The change in wall thickness and length.

12. That the operation of the line would be governed by less stringent specifications of the wall thickness is 3/4 inches.
13. Using 57-foot-length pipe would reduce welding costs.
14. In past purchases, Fauquier had used two types of wrappers-coal tar and pry-tech.
15. Mr. Murphy was concerned about the economic consequences and the schedule impact of the proposed changes in wall thickness and length of the pipe.
16. Supply falls under the management control of the vice-president for operations.
17. Needs to acquire 3.5 miles worth of large diameter pipe for a residential and commercial development.
18. To meet the increased demand the 3.5 miles of new pipe must be installed by September.
19. Construction on the project was slated to begin in June.
20. Construction on the project was to end in September to gas the line.
21. Mr. Clive Byers is the construction project manager.
22. Mr. Pat Wilson is the design engineer.
23. Mr. Sam Law is the construction project engineer.
24. Mr. Charlie Buck is the design superintendent who headed the design organization.
25. Design and construction organizations are under the control of the vice president of operations.
II. Major Problem
The biggest problem is the Fauquier Gas Company is scheduled to begin a new project to convert an area once used for agricultural work in residential and commercial property. This means that new gas lines should be installed as soon as possible in January. Mr. Murphy prior purchases for pipe was 3/8 inches thick and 40 feet length and the new specification would be 24 inches and a wall thickness of 3/4 of an inches 57 feet long. Mr. Murphy would not have known this if he had not over heard it at lunch on April 14 to Mr. Byers. III. Alternatives

1. Mr. Murphy needs to request a meeting constantly with all in the company such as the design superintendent, the design engineer, and the vice-president of operation in the company.
2. Working overtime needed to meet the project due to the short time and comply with the provisions of the company.
3. Top executives of the company with a focus on common welfare of the company and comply fully with their projects.

4. Set deadlines between each stage of the approval of the project to streamline the approval process in the company. Assumptions
1. The group effort can increase the success of each project in the company and avoid time pressure to complete projects.
2. Keeping in full cooperation departments in each company's management thus is overall success.
3. Improved communication and...
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