Father and Daughter Film Review

Topics: Family, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: October 30, 2011
Father and Daughter
By Michael dudok de wit

This short film is about a young girl, whose father leaves her by the sea shore and never returns. The whole film revolves around the girl who grows old but within her there is always a deep longing for her father.

The music is given by Norman Roger and is very sympathetic in theme and its tune is beautifully arranged to depict the human emotions.

The whole story is based upon true emotions, but there are no facial details what so ever, it is made with brush work in spares and some strokes, smudged in such a way to transform it to an emotional story using some digital manipulation. The screen shots in the whole film are beautifully drawn specially shadows of tress, sky and the whole wide Dutch landscape.

All the imagery is done with the use of delicate colour wash of brown, grey and sepia, sometimes hints of green or blue. The drawing is averted using a pencil and charcoal, with some colours added digitally.

The creator used such a wonderful camera angles to emphasis on the changing seasons in the film while the girl struggles through each seasons to come back for her father.

Although there were no direct emotions from the characters faces or voices, but all the emotions were beautifully packed in the whole context of the story and the body language of the characters.

Every single shot of the film gives a whole wide meaning to the story. In the very beginning when a father leaves here daughter signifies his death, in the rest of the film the daughters return to the same spot even she is grown older signifies a deep love and thinking about this father throughout her life and in the very end daughter turned into an old woman travelling through dried riverbed and seeing her father again explained that she is dead and finally met her father in the afterlife.

The film describes a beautiful and everlasting relationship between a father and a daughter as it leaves a very deep impact on the audience...
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