Fast Food Changes

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Joefast food changes
10/21/20122nd draft

All the fast food companies nowadays always want to know that how to attract more customers to their company, and how to makes more profit. Make some changes to make customers happy is the most important thing. Changing the taste of food based on the region, reducing the amount of fat and calories in food, and increasing worker’s salary are the three changes I would make.

Choosing the taste of food in the region could bring back more customers and it will makes profit to the company. I think what in different regions; people have different tastes of food. For example, in most of Western countries they like foods that taste sweet, but in many countries in Asia people like spicy and salty foods. Western customer will be happy with Asian fast food companies because it is too spicy for them, and either Asian customer will be happy if the food they eat taste too sweet. Changing the taste of food in region maybe hard for the company to control but it absolutely a perfect idea to bring back more customer. People only want what they like, and there is no different about food. They will buy more if the food taste good for them; therefore, I believe that will makes a lot of profit to the company, also Reduce the amount of fat in food will make customer trust the company more.. For people who in on diet I know they really want food that tastes good and also not make them gain weight, because diet food for my opinion never tastes good. So what if we tell them about a brand of fast food that has really low amount of fat and calories, and also tastes really good? They will immediately go to check it out. Most fast food Companies try to focus on young ages customer because they don’t care that much about what is in the food, but they also need to know that parents are people who pay. Every single parent in the world wants their child to be healthy, and also let their kids eat what they think is taste good, so...
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