Fast Food

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Carbohydrate Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: August 28, 2012
Behind of its popularity, there are also few negative effects by eating fast foods. Students do have choices on what they order and how much they order at fast food restaurants. Fast food is loaded with calories from refines sugar and fat. It is also very high in sodium, coming from common salt and other additives. One of negative effect comes from fast food is nutritional imbalance. This is cause by eating fast food that contains high sugar or fat. High-sugar fast food included regular carbonated beverages. Fried fries and milk shake are examples of foods with ingredients high in both fat and sugar. According to Webster’s Digital Service (2011), obesity is defined by a body mass index of 30 or higher, places weight strain on respiratory system. Gaining weight is the first and worst health hazard from routinely eating fast food. Energy density refers to the amount of calories an item of food contains in relation to its weight. Fast food has a very high energy density. It is about twice as high as recommended healthy diets. Freiboth (n.d.) says that people get fat eating regular portion sizes, but since the food has a high energy density, people gain weight. In addition, obese persons are more likely to develop asthma and sleep apnoea. Both are two types of breathing disorder. Eating high-calorie fast food actually decreases college students exercise tolerance. When physical activity level drops, they will have more difficulty losing weight, which may have chronic respiratory health effects.

Another negative effect of fast food is having chronic diseases. Many fast foods contain excessive sodium and cholesterol, which can harm college students’ health. Being overweight and having a nutritional imbalance can both increase their risk of contracting chronic diseases, especially diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses. Cardiovascular illnesses are cause by consuming too much salt. Consuming to much salt may raise blood pressure, causing hypertension and may lead to...
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