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Topics: Fashion, Vogue, Fast fashion Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Blake Lively, amazes everyone with her versatility in fashion. Day after day, week after week she just can't go wrong! On Gossip Girl, she couldn't get much credit because the whole cast has a fashion stylist. But, Lively manages to look fashionable off set as well. It's all about taking risk in fashion and Lively definitely does the job especially with her choice of colors. On top of the most beautiful dresses she puts on, she manages to have the right makeup and hair for every outfit. Confident, poised, stylish, glamorous. These are the kinds of words typically used to describe Blake Lively, who has become the self-proclaimed fashionista of her generation. Not only is she now the face of Chanel but also she is constantly in the spotlight for her fearless approach to fashion as well as her obvious true passion and love for it. After attending countless designer shows and taking her views of the runway to the real world there is no doubt that she has become a fashion icon to those who follow her. In fact, being chosen to be on the cover of Vogue twice in a single year is almost a right of passage to prove she is officially a top player in the fashion industry.She is a designer dream because she stays true to her vision.

Teens are full of youthful energy, life and vitality, they have love and passion for fashion, drawing inspiration from celebrities. Blake Lively stands as a fashion icon for teens, as my target customer like being perceived older and like imitating the style of older people to feel more mature. All American golden girl, blake lively is known to be pretty, sweet who doesn’t get into any scandals or controversies, whatever she wears is widely accepted by my target customer, Maddy. These days there is an increasing trend that teens want to dress older than their age and Blake lively serves a good model to copy. Unlike many other celebrities she doesn’t like to have a personal stylist. She isn’t afraid to take the runway to the red...
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