Fascism in Europe

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 4 (943 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Fascism in Europe
Fascism is a militant political movement that emphasizes on loyalty to the state and obedience to its leader. Promises to restore economy, punish those who created the problems and return national pride!! ▪ Often held mass rallies, uniforms and special salutes ▪ Limited personal rights

▪ State was supreme
▪ Conservative, right wing party that grows from the middle class

Italy- Benito Mussolini
Post WWI problems:
▪ Rising inflation (prices)
▪ Social unrest
▪ Unemployment
▪ Anger over small land gains from the treaty ( they thought they should get more)

The Answer??
Benito Mussolini promised to save Italy- create a stable economy, make Italy great again through a strong army, save middle/ upper class Italians from a Communist revolt.

1919- the Fascist party is formed, gains power as things get worse

1922- 30,000 fascists march on Rome, insist Mussolini be put in charge. King Victor Emmanuel III out of fear gives the govt. to Mussolini.

Germany- Adolf Hitler
1920- Hitler joins the National Socialist German Workers Party, Nazi. Brownshirts -private militia.

1920- 1923- Hitler becomes powerful force in Nazi party, known for his great speeches. Nazi party grows in popularity.

1923- Beer Hall Putsch- tries to gain power in Munich- jailed for 9 months. Hitler writes Mein Kampf ▪ Talks about his beliefs and his plan for Germany.
▪ Aryans (blonde, blue eyed) the master race,
▪ Jews, Slavs and Gypsies are inferior.
▪ Treaty of Versailles an outrage and plans to take back lost land ▪ Germany is overcrowded and needs lebensraum, living space- get it by conquering Asia and Europe Until the Depression Hitler is largely ignored.

The Depression- When America loans were pulled from Germany their economy collapsed by 1932 30% were unemployed.

1932- Nazi is the strongest political party. Conservatives use Hitler’s popularity to defeat communism, they think they...
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