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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Dear : Director of Financial Aid/ Veteran Services,
RE: Appeal for Reinstatement of Federal Student Aid Eligibility – Max Hours
I appreciate your appeals committee decision however; I respectively disagree with the decision. I am choosing the option of appealing the denial. I am on a max hour appeal. I am writing to you to express that 93 of the credits I have are due to completion of vocational programs. These are programs that have helped me to enter the workforce. The remainder 12 credits I have could be used toward the Entrepreneurship/Small Business AAS degree. I currently use all of my certificates of proficiencies to barely live in middle class. In addition to Pensacola State College (PSC), I have attempted to enroll at University of West Florida (UWF). I did not have enough credits to transfer over; none of my vocational credits would transfer. UWF then forwarded my information to the UWF Small Business Development Center. I met with Mrs. Etheridge, business analyst. We looked at the five workshops offered and discovered that I need more in-depth classes. She advised me to return to PSC to enroll in Entrepreneurship/Small Business AAS degree. When asked to provide circumstances beyond my control, as well as, adverse satiations that negatively impacted my successful academic progress or issues directly responsible for failure. I am not able to provide negative documentation; I have completed my schooling successfully and I currently use all my certificates. My goal for the future is to have the opportunity to further my education and I want to reach higher attainment as a business owner. I have benefited greatly and I continually enjoy working in the field of cosmetology. However, I have two withdraws on my record for A&P 1. I did not pass the first or second attempt. I changed my program from Register Nurse to Health Unit Coordinator (HUC). The second withdraw is College Success. My grade point average is 2.6 and I plan to do better...
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