Farmer Market

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Name: Tuong Vy Dinh
Student number: Din12236844
Lecturer: Kelly Donati
Subject: Food Issues for the 21st Century.

Farmers’ markets was established and known as a place that consumers can get organic food from directly, since 1998, in Australia. According to VFMA (Victorian Farmers’ Markets Association), farmers’ market is a produced market that is held regularly at local area which gives farmers and food producers convenience space to sell their origin product directly to public. There are no exact numbers of this market until now but as stated to other resources, there are around 150 in Australia and more than 90 in Melbourne. I had chance to visit two farmer markets in Melbourne last two Saturdays in March, 2013, Collingwood and Gastro in Art Park. Both of them are likely to be the same because I could find many stores with the same names or labels such as James Potatoes or Christ Grant Herb and so on. The interesting thing that I found there is that “green” and social environment. All the stores regard protecting environment as a prior thing by putting their products in paper bags or in customers’ bag. Once walking in farmer markets, I felt like backing Australian life 50 years ago: peaceful and “fresh”. People talk to each others, communication between the sellers and consumers with the music from the entertainers. It is also a perfect place for the customers those like shopping with their lovely pets. Before coming to these farmer markets, I already made a food list I need for a week, which helps me to have a fit and healthy body, according to “Recommended weekly servings” ( Kellett, et al., 1998).

Food group| Serving per week|
Bread & Grain| Bread| 6|
| rice| 25|
| cereal| 4|
| noodle| 7|
Vegetable and legumes| Bok Choy| 7|
| beans| 6|
| potatoes| 6|
| tomatoes| 8|
| herbs: spring onion and coriander| 3|
| cabbages| 5|
| lettuces| 5|
Fruit| grapes| 3...
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