Fantastic Voyage

Topics: Heart, Kidney, Blood Pages: 3 (1222 words) Published: February 19, 2013
How a 55 year old man digests a meal
LaShelle Benson
Unit 9
Catherine Rice

Today on our fantastic voyage we are going to be taken through the digestive system of a male, age 55 and we will be following what happens to a hamburger, fries and a refreshing glass of root beer, as its enters his body and begins the process of digestion. After that we will then follow the root beer into the blood stream and to the kidneys, through the urinary tract and then our journey will end when the urine is expelled. Let’s begin!! The first step of our journey begins in the mouth. Here food is ground up using his teeth and his saliva helps to moisten the food to help make the food easier to swallow. Once the food is ground up and moistened up, the body then uses its swallowing reflex to help push the food down, using the pharynx, the muscle at the back of the throat, Its then pushed to the esophagus. At the very bottom of the esophagus is a round, ring like muscle called the lower esophageal sphincter, this attaches the esophagus to the stomach. This muscle is usually contracted but as food moves down the esophagus it relaxes and allows food to enter the stomach. Next we enter the stomach and as you can see the stomach begins to add more moisture to the food (gastric acid) from the stomach lining and it is mixed up almost like a slow moving blender. Once the food is mixed up the next step of our journey is where we enter the +small intestine. According to the first of the foods to enter the small intestine are the carbohydrates, this is because simple sugars are broke down first to provide energy to the body. Next to enter the digestive system is the proteins, this way the body can gets the nutrients that is needed to build strong muscles as quickly as possible. Last but not least the fatty parts of the food enter into the small intestine; the reason for them being last in this process is because they are the hardest...
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