Family Violence

Topics: Psychology, Violence, Domestic violence Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Ethan Markwica
Professor Eloranto
Family Violence
April 2, 2013

What is the impact on children who see or experience violence in their homes?
There are few who would say that the impact on children who see or experience violence in their homes is positive. This paper will focus on the position that domestic violence in regards to children either who have witnessed or have experienced the violence first hand have been adversely impacted by it. In fact it is well known that children who have been exposed to domestic violence are at greater risks of having adverse behavioral, social, and emotional problems. This can range from increased aggression and antisocial behavior, to depression and even thoughts of suicide. Unfortunately the problems can stay with the child when they attend school and experience cognitive and attitudinal problems, leading well into adulthood. The development of the cognitive ability itself can be slowed or even stunted, proving challenging when trying to maintain educational advancement. Even after the child has matured, and enters adulthood, the problems stay with them, and can even affect their relationships with their own families. Research shows that males have a greater risk of engaging in domestic violence, while females are at an increased risk in becoming a victim of domestic abuse. It is imperative that the children who see and/or experience violence in their homes to be identified and treated through counseling, and other means.

Opening thesis
1. Behavior, emotional, and social problems
2. Cognitive and attitudinal problems
3. Long term problems
Behavior, emotional, and social problems
1. Increased aggression
2. Lowered self esteem
3. Thoughts of suicide
Cognitive and Attitudinal Problems
1. Difficulties experienced in schools
2. Slower cognitive development
3. Lack of conflict resolution skills
Long term problems
1. Males exposed to family violence are more likely to...
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