Family Life with Tip One Diabetes

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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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Family Life with Type One Diabetes
Type one diabetes affect more than the person who has it, it affects everyone around them too. Family life changes to adjust to the person with diabetes. Type one diabetes affects your family financially, emotional, physical and structurally Type one diabetes is hard, but families that work together can help make the person who has , its life a little easier. Type one Diabetes has a way to of hurting the people and the people around them. One way it does hurt people is physically. Having children with type one diabetes suffer many physical symptoms that can take their toll on the family. Their child may want to drink and urinate excessively, be too tired, or nauseated to go on outings, suffer rapid weight loss, and bed wetting. These things can be hard for a loving parent to experience, as no parent wants to see his or her child suffer. A younger sibling may not understand why and older brother or sister is still wetting the bed or too tired to go outside with them. Physical pain can affect the family in many ways they may not understand.

In addition to the physically pain both the family and the child have to go though, there the emotional toll too. Most parents don’t realize the emotional toll that it takes on the person who has the diabetes to the children around them. Younger siblings worry more about if they’re going to get diabetes or if there brother and sisters going to be normal like they are. Families all reach this emotional state. Families have to find a way to talk to each other about what happening. Not only does the emotion affect the family but they will affect the person who has the disease. Young children who do not understand there disease my though go a serse over emotional events. The child may withdraw from their parents and siblings. The child my may also act out in school.

Diabetes also affects the Family fents ainancial. The cost of normal equipment, like blood monitors, test strips,...
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