Family Health Assessment Gcu

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Family Health Assessment

Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V Family Centered Health Promotion

Family health assessment is an integral part of the formula used in creating a customized plan of care for the families’ health care. Family health assessment is also a tool that can be used to identify and evaluate the family’s health concerns, their life style and also helping families make good decisions regarding their family’s health. Family’s perception towards health and health promotion could be very different and unique, which makes the Family health assessment even more challenging for the nurses and health care professionals. Nurse’s have a moral obligation towards the society to help them promote their families health. The family means biological parents and children living together in a harmonious way. In this diverse society family’s behaviors and health care choices are influenced by family’s beliefs, values, culture and traditional practices. Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns is created by Marjorie Gordon in 1987. This helps nurses to establish a broader nursing database. Gordon’s eleven functional health patterns consist of health perception, values, rest, sleep, nutrition, elimination, cognitive, activity, exercise, role relationship, self perception, sexuality and coping. This method is created to gather information using a standardized and systematic approach. The gathered data can be used to determine family’s health, functioning, how family’s deal and interact with each other in everyday life. In this assessment the family interviewed is the Rodriguez family consisting of father 45 years of age, mother 42 years of age and two children, a boy and a girl aged 12 and 16. Head of the house hold is the father, who works in construction of houses and earns average income. Most of the times this family are short of funds, but the family is able to provide three meals a day to the family and send children to school. Values, health perception

Based on the family health assessment and family’s health perception. This family believes in hard work and they believe in being involved in family and the religious activities. The family revealed that the father is hypertensive, obese and diabetic. Mother is obese, diabetic and has high cholesterol. Both children are morbidly obese; suffer from anxiety, insomnia and body image issues. As per this family, most of their relatives are also suffer from obesity, hypertension and diabetes, so it seems like these diseases are very common in this family and this family considers these diseases normal and nothing out of ordinary. Nutrition

This family had no concept of nutrition. Family’s meal consists of fast foods like pizzas, ham burgers, potatoes fries and tacos. They consume large amount of red meat almost every day. In spite of most of the family members being diabetics, they continue to eat ice creams and candies regularly. Drinking water is replaced by drinking sodas. Preferred snack for this family is anything deep fried. Minimal to no consumption of fruits and vegetables noted in this family. Only vegetable this family was found of was potatoes. Breakfast usually is tacos from local gas store, which are full of unhealthy fats and cholesterol. This family fails relate their health problems to their unhealthy diet and continues to ignorant and careless about the nutrition. Sleep/Rest

Chronic sleep deprivation is also one of the major problems with this family. They eat large meals before bed, consisting of high fat, high cholesterol, and high calories. The meals are also very spicy, which lead to heart burn on lying flat. Drinking energy drinks filled with caffeine is also part of the daily routine for this family; especially children were very fond of these energy drinks, which contributed to their anxiety and insomnia. Because both parents of this family are morbidly obese, they also suffer from sleep apnea. Both parents snore while...
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