Family Case Study

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  • Published : February 24, 2009
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A Family Case Study from General Santos City In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Health Care 1 Submitted to: Ralph T. Benito, RN Clinical Instructor Notre Dame of Dadiangas University Submitted by: Caspillo, Lorena Grace D. *Tan, Raj Jester *A. February 24, 2009 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT To their dearest parents that helped them a lot in terms of material and financial resources and for being their inspirations in making this study. To their beloved Clinical instructors, thank you for all the information and the time you have allotted for the completion of this work. To their dearest friends and classmates that gave greater ideas, that gave encouragement and sincere prayers. And especially to the Almighty Father, for His infinite goodness and for giving them knowledge, strength, and wisdom. Thank you so much!!! CHAPTER I Introduction Assessment is the key to appropriate support and intervention. The purpose of family assessment is to determine the comprehensive information about all domains important to development, the functioning across all household and family members, the strengths and weaknesses, knowing the child and family’s “stories,” their accomplishments, attributes, skills, goals, values and gifts, how they care for others and who supports them. Also important are the family connections, living patterns, coping strategies, and health practices. The student nurses conducted an interview in a particular family. They chose this family as a point of study since the family is open for the interrogations and willing to share their time and participate well in rendering family health nursing. The student nurses may be able to help the family in figuring their own weaknesses to make appropriate solutions. The student nurses focus more first on the family then the individuals within the family. They also carry out comprehensive assessment to the necessary subjects to understand the family’s needs and problems. The student nurses also...
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