Fall Season

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2. Reflect on this season/time of year. What does it mean to you? How does it make you feel? Fall Season
Fall holds its own unique meaning for every individual. It could be the coming of cooler days to some, while others think of football. To the younger individuals, it means back to school, and those who are passionate about nature enjoy this time of year. Something as simple as a season change holds so many meanings to so many different individuals. Fall season is one of the most seasons I like because it makes me feel refreshed, cozy, renewed, and happy. Even though to some people it may just be a bunch of dead leaves, to me fall is a time of peace, love and remembrance. It lets me remember my child-hood when my brother and I rake huge piles of leaves then destroy the pile by jumping into them. I also love waking up in the morning and see the pecan tree out the window bare branches blowing in the wind. The best part is when I make cookies and sit on the porch, wrapped in a blanket, eating them with cold milk and watching the sunset. During the fall season, we encounter many Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas, creating a comfortable atmosphere. With the presence of friends and family around me, things always get easier to go through since others are always willing to put smiles on each other’s face. Black Friday is the day I always wait for every year. This is when I get prepared to buy all the stuff I need through the whole year from clothes to electronics. Although I hate to wait in those busy, long lines having my mom beside me and having some nice conversation makes time fly by too fast. Also, Thanksgiving is the best part of this season. It isn’t just about food, it is about feeling thankful and having the family reunite, nothing is better than having the ones you love beside you.
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