Fall of Roman Empire

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  • Published : April 3, 2005
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The Roman Empire was brought to its downfall because of the way their Social, Political, and Economic systems were working. The Roman Empire downfall was caused by the failure in their Social, Political, and Economic systems.

The social issues were that no one took interest into Public affairs. People had a very low confidence in there empire. They had a great disloyalty to there country, a lack of patriotism. The differences in the social classes were great. The upper class was very materialistic and the lower class just simple peasants. The Roman population declined because of diseases, plagues, lead poisoning from their pipes and plates, infanticide, and too many wars.

The Political issues were that because no one took any public interest in government jobs, because there were not looked at as something that was good. I they were looked at as a burden. Regardless of this they still could not establish a government with the people they still could not because of the great military interference. They started giving uneducated plebeians government jobs. Finally the government officials became corrupt.

The Economic issues were that they had poor harvest. Food was scarce people needed food so they went after it. There was a disruption of trade by barbarians and pirates. Since the war was over, there was no more war booty. Gold and Silver was taken from other countries and since the war was over the treasury diminished. This led to inflation, a drop in the worth of money and a rise in prices. The Roman road and bridge system fell into disrepair, there for causing a hurt in trade. The crushing tax fell all upon the plebian class, who had no money to start with.
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