Rome 100-600

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Emma Betz
World History AP Period 2
Comparison Essay on Rome

Between 100 C.E. and 600 C.E., Rome went under many changes both culturally and politically. Culturally, Rome had a change in the empire’s religious beliefs. Politically, there was a division of the empire. With so many changes, there were a few continuities, such as Paterfamilias and the political standing of women.

Religion was a large part of any Roman’s life that was changed drastically. In the early empire, Paganism, where there was a belief in many gods, was the main religion. When the idea of Christianity came around, it initially attracted the poor. Eventually it gained popularity in the other classes. Eventually such a large amount of people believed in Christianity that even though the authorities had rejected the religion in 100 C.E., Constantine was forced to legalize it in 313 C.E. Christianity quickly spread through the Roman Empire and took over the other religions.

A huge change politically was the division of the Roman Empire into east and west. There were extreme economic issues and battles both internally and externally. During this time, most of the emperors were weak and there were many disputes over who was next in line for the throne. Germanic tribes took advantage of the chaos and tried to take over land to the east and west. Rome had to split their forces in order to fight them, dividing the empire. Another reason for the division was that the Roman Empire was so vast that there were too many different ideas on how to run the empire and it was impossible to make everyone happy, thus dividing the empire.

Paterfamilias was one way culturally that Rome did not change. A male who was the father had complete control over his family. He had control of his children’s lives for his whole life. He controlled their occupations, spouses, economic possessions, and could choose to kill them if he wished; although, he usually tried to consider their needs and desires. He had...
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