Faith Healing

Topics: Prayer, Faith healing, Jesus Pages: 9 (3703 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Garrett Litalien
Ms. Downey
IB English
December 30, 2012
Assessing Ethical Beliefs of Faith Healing
There are certain aspects of sicknesses and illnesses like sexually transmitted diseases and even cancer that aspire expensive medical procedures and attention. Most illnesses don’t even provide a cure, leaving most patients hopeless and creating a new fear for them. Patients can often be restricted with the cost of being cured because it makes them vulnerable to use less expensive methods that promise a cure, like Faith Healing.

Faith Healing is “healing through spiritual means. Believers assert that the healing of a person can be brought about by religious faith through prayer and/or rituals that, according to adherents, stimulate a divine presence and power toward correcting disease and disability.” Faith Healers often start from a young age and there are some famous Faith Healers in the Philippines that do their healing around the world and not just their country. There was a Faith Healer in the Philippines whose name was Fernando Suarez. He was a priest who performed his Faith Healing methods throughout the world and not just in the Philippines. He started his journey of Faith Healing when he was only 16. At this point in his life he stumbled upon a crippled woman and in retrospect he felt sorry for her, so he began to pray beside her. As he was encountering this woman, he spoke about feeling the woman’s bones grow in her body. He had this strange feeling that God provided him with the gift of prayer and healing, and so he began gathering thousands of people that hoped to be healed from their disease someday. One of his many successful cases of healing was in fact his grandmother when she was told that she only had 24 hours to live. He prayed and prayed over her constantly and she was miraculously healed after a few days. There are many successes to Faith Healing as a whole, but there is a bigger picture to all of this. Not everyone that has been healed by Fernando Suarez, in fact there were a few deaths in his practices and several were rushed to the hospital. Faith Healing has many negative effects on human beings as well being that the medical attention needed acts as it is substituted by Faith Healing. There have been several reports from people dying because their church and groups went on to tell them that they have been healed of their diseases and that stops them from taking their medications. There are many faith healing groups that actually charge a fee for their faith healing maintenance. Most people that subscribe to Faith Healing are sometimes not even healed even though they pay and fee. There are two sides to Faith Healing, bad and good. Faith Healing might be positive to some people, but when subscribing to the service of it, caution must be looked at as well. Faith Healing can often times be an illusion and instead of actually healing the person, it can take the life of him or her. So many ask the question, what is the reality of Faith Healing? One thing that is definitely of certain is that we are not able to cure people of the drive that they contain to Faith Healers until they have certain truths. Faith Healing doesn’t really have any negative affects because when being healed it can’t get worse. There’s really only one negative affect, being that these practitioners are scamming you and taking your money for their own good and the patient gets nothing out of it. In fact there are many different ways of healing and patients often test Faith Healers with their different ways of healing and practices. Most Christians actually believe that the healing comes from their savior, Jesus Christ, and all of his apostles as they answer their prayers. The placebo affect can be associated with the act of believing in a cause or somethin, however it does not completely cure the person. For example, when someone is told that he or she has been cured or can be cured, the placebo affect comes into play...
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