Spiritual Needs Assessment

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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Grand Canyon University HLT-302
February 17, 2013

Spiritual Needs Assessment
What do I say? Healthcare providers must first understand that deepest feelings, so they can accurately explore and identify a patients spiritual pains. Not only should providers focus on giving physical treatments to their patients, they should also provide a spiritual assessment as well (Chapman, 2003). This could lead to a new way of healing which is a more holistic approach. Spiritual assessment programs are recommended by the Joint Commission (2005) which helps providers in knowing the needs of their patients other than just physical treatments. It is a delegate matter when touching the spiritual well-being of others. When conducting an assessment, you should be polite and careful in choosing the questions. Joint Commission has guidelines in constructing the framework for proper procedures. In assessing a patient, the assessor should not impose on any of his/her belief system (Joint Commission, 2005). As the assessment is in progress, understanding and recognizing that there are many different views and religions that a patient may practice. The framework for FICA includes Faith, Importance of spirituality, Individuals spiritual Community, and interventions to Address spiritual needs (Borneman, 2010). The following are the questions that include the concepts of FICA guidelines. * Who or what provides you with faith and hope?

* What is your Faith or belief?
* Is it Important in your life?
* Are you a part of a spiritual or religious Community?
* How would you like me, your health care provider to Address these issues in your health care?

Using the assessment tool, I interviewed a friend of mine. Realizing that there are different ways that these guide questions can be used while I was interviewing, I was careful in asking my questions due to attitudes I might get towards the issue. My friend’s strength comes from the lord; believing it is...
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