Fair Work

Topics: Employment, Kevin Rudd, Australian Labor Party Pages: 4 (1241 words) Published: April 1, 2013
In recent years Australia face a numerous issues that challenge the lives of Australian people wether the impact are from the economic crises, the changes in the Australian Government which lead a fundamentally change in our industrial relation laws, eliminating John Howard’s work Choices scheme and now ready to introduced “the Fair Work Bill” systems to Australian public. A systems that deemed to be “fair” to all levels of operation such as small to large corporation both employer and employees, also more negotiating power for unions or known as collective bargaining (except Victoria will not be subject to the fair work changes) for the hope and ensuring better quality of life, promote economic productivity and stability in our workplace relations systems.

Fair work bill has a considerable impact on the Australian people and those are in the national workplace relations systems. The question that got everyone asking is whether it would be fair to both employer and employees, and the answer is yes according to Julie Gillard speech on November 2008, “ Fair work Act provides a “safety net” (Fair work Australia, 2010, p 1) to create a balance in the workplace for workers, employers with terms and conditions that enforceable through the National Employment Standards (NES), On the other hand the green disagreed and see fair work bill as “it built on work choices architecture” The green further quote that “along with unreasonable working hours remains an important issue for many employees. The bills provide no new thinking on addressing these very important issues. (Siewert, 2009,p.2, Para 3) the green argued. However under the Modern Award systems will also contain “individual Flexibility provisions” that will enable employers and individual employees to reach an agreement to very the effects of the award to meet the genuine needs of the parties. (Vitale, 2008, p2, Para 8) in another words it given both parties the responsibility and rights to negotiate individual...
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