Affluenza Summary Part 1

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Clive Hamilton

* Born 12 March 1953
* Professor of Public Ethics at the Centre of Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics and the Vice-Chancellor’s Chair in Public Ethics at Charles Sturt University. * - Member of the Board of the Climate Change Authority of the Government of Australia * Founder and former Executive Director of the Australia Institute * Graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Arts in history, psychology and pure mathematics in 1975 and completed a Bachelor of Economics * Concerns with Climate Change published Requiem for a Species (2010) explore climate change denial * Concerns for economic growth Advanced consumer capitalism * Capitalist Industrialization in Korea (1986)

* The Economic Dynamics of Australian Industry (1992)
* The Mystic Economist (1994)
* Human Ecology, Human Economy: Ideas for an Ecologically Sustainable Future (1997) * The ESD Process: Evaluating a Policy Experiment (1998)
* Running from the Storm: The Development of Climate Change Policy in Australia (2001) * Growth Fetish (2003)
* Affluenza: When Too Much is Never Enough (2005)
* What's Left? The Death of Social Democracy (2006)
* Scorcher: The Dirty Politics of Climate Change (2007)
* Silencing Dissent: How the Australian Government Is Controlling Public Opinion and Stifling Debate (2007) * The Freedom Paradox: Towards a Post-Secular Ethics (2008) * Requiem For A Species: Why We Resist The Truth About Climate Change (2010) -------------------------------------------------


Summary of Text

What is Affluenza?
* An explanation of the created term affluenza
* It outlines how some Australians are only satisfied when their pay exceeds the average * Australia is a rich society yet people don’t know what it takes to live a worthwhile life * Some fail to distinguish between what we want and what we need * Luxury fever – consumers desperate to seek...
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