Fair Trade

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Fair Trade.
I don't think that knowing about the origins of the product is important. When I go out to a store and buy something, sometimes I look and care what it's made of, but not every time. For instance when I buy food and stuff like that, I often just like closely at the food I buy. How delicious it looks and what condition it's in. When I buy clothes I want to know where it's from and “how” it's made. Once I bought a cap from a site that sells clothes, caps and boots on the internet. I was a little nervous about the product's condition, because when you buy on the internet, you actually don't really know how it is when it arrives, or if it even fits your head or body. Size is important, that the site gives you the information that you need to buy it in the right size. It's a lot easier when you buy from a shop on the street, because you can try the clothes on, and that's impossible if you buy from an internet shop.

The reason why I buy stuff from the internet is because sometimes they have whatever you want in all sizes from regular to very big, and that you can't always find in a shop on the streets because they don't order that big sizes.

Many of my friends at home have also ordered clothes from the internet and they succeeded. In my opinion ordering clothes from the internet is a lot different than buying clothes from a shop. I don't really like buying clothes on the internet because I experienced that I bought some clothes from the U.S and I sized it medium, but I got it in small, so it didn't fit. And if the clothes don't fit you, there's really not much to do. You have to return it and it can cost you.

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