Business Environment and Organizational Purpose

Topics: Project management, Feedback, Sales Pages: 9 (3096 words) Published: March 28, 2013
For my first research I chose a company that positions itself as a service. The company, called LOOKSLR, suggests customers to buy and sell clothes. Let’s run through the interview below.

— Hello, Kairzhan. Tell us please, how did you come up with the idea of personal sales service? What has inspired you?

— One day I noticed that my wife is trying to sell the blouse she bought via internet. She was chatting with her friend, offering her to buy this blouse. In her offer she described the clothing in details: size, colour, material, even the length of the sleeves! When I asked her why was she trying to sell the blouse she bought for herself to another person. She simply told me that when she was buying that blouse she has a bad mood and she just wanted to cheer herself up with any purchase(yeah, woman often do that). But when she came home and tried the blouse again, she decided that the colour doesn’t suit her at all and she won’t wear it anywhere. I listened to her story and remembered myself: I have a couple of new clothes that I don’t wear. I liked them on the moment of buying but then I didn’t find a case to wear them. So, I decided it would be a great idea to have online shopping website where people can sell the clothes they don’t need to another people who will really like them, because tastes differ.

— What is the key objective of the company?

— The key objective is to help people to sell their clothes which doesn’t suit them, or they simply don’t need. We help them to free their wardrobes from useless clothes. Another side of this key objective is to help people buy clothes. As you know, the prices for clothes much cheaper on our website because sellers give away their clothing at a lower price than they bought it. We try to simplify our customers’ lifes.

— What about your target audience? Who are they?

— Our target audience firstly people who like shopping. And nowadays shopping becomes very popular, and everyone wants to look fasionable and attractive. Mostly our clients are – women, of course. The age varies from 13 to 55. All women like shopping, isn’t it? It doesn’t depend on the age. Men like shopping as well, but not that much. Anyway, 30% of our clients are male.

— Do you personally use the service? Does it help to make your life easier?

— Sure I do. And my family does. That’s very convenient way to sell clothes I won’t wear in the future.

— What can you say about stakeholders?

— As our company’s ran on the flaming enthusiasm, the only stakeholders of the company are the members of LOOKSLR team: me – as owner and Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Karina Akhmetova – Social Media Marketer(SMM), Andrey Yershov – Chief Technical Officer(CTO), Alex Ugeen – web designer. But in the nearest future, when we’ll begin to generate substantial profit, we are planning to involve investors through initial public offer.

— Does LOOKSLR requires large investments or you just manage with minimal ones?

— Initially it doesn’t need large investments, because our LOOKSLR team consists of 4 enthusiasts: CEO, Marketeer, Designer and Chief Technical Engineer. All we need is to build and develop our website – personal sales’ platform. As we’ve done it, we began to get But we have big plans to grow up so we’ll need larger investments. At least to increase the staff. We’ll need more employees, and that’s why we need more money for this project, to pay our workers as well.

— Are you looking for an exact person with definite skills or any guy with money will be okay,

— Why not, of course we are looking for an investor. But not simple guy with money, not like that. We need an active strategic partner, who has e-commerce or consumer web projects in his portfolio. It will be a good option if he does have an established connections with fashion retailers.

— How do you feel about competition?

— We do feel okay. Because whether we don’t have competitors, something’s wrong with our business. We...
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