Fair Judgment on the Character and Actions of Eddie Carbone

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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Title: “More a victim of his own feelings and values then a villain.” Is this a fair judgement on the character and actions of Eddie Carbone?

Target: use precise quotations and make use of redrafting time.

Eddie Carbone is a complicated character, some say he is a villain due to the actions that he takes, others sympathise with him, saying that he is a victim. You can view him in different lights, although he acts, some may say, in a villainous manner, he is a victim of his feelings, confused and unsure of the right thing to do.

Eddie has very strong feelings that he finds very difficult to cope with, this leads the audience to feel sympathy towards him. He loves Catherine and feels very responsible for her well being. He shows this when he say’s “I promised your mother on her deathbed.” Eddie feels he has a sense of duty that he needs to protect her from the outside world. He is at conflict with himself as he feels responsible for Catherine but also knows that he needs to let her go. He is also jealous and disgusted by Rodolfo. When Eddie kisses Rodolfo, he implied that Rodolfo was “queer”. This was a desperate act to get rid of Rodolfo and therefore keep Catherine close to home. Eddie has mixed feelings about this because he wants Catherine to stay at home but also he wants to keep his name in the community.

Eddie also has very strong principles which influence his judgement; this allows the audience to empathise with him. Eddie has strong loyalties and a sense of family with Beatrice and Catherine. He shows that family should stick together when he says to Beatrice “you will be on my side or theirs, that’s all.” This shows how important he values a close knit family who stick together no matter what. It also shows that to be strong he thinks he needs a family around him to support him and back him up. Eddie has strong values in regard to the importance of community. When he warns Catherine of the Vinnie Bolzano story, it shows that he values the...
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