Failure to Launch Essay

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Family Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Failure to launch -

According to Hala Al-Nasser reporter at USA TODAY, the biggest impact that make people stay home longer is because of lower income and less education. In the movie failure to launch, Tripp has a great job yet he stays at his parents house and doesn’t think about moving out. According to Riegel's Interpretation of Development and The Family Life Cycle, there are reasons why Tripp refused to leave the nest.

U.S. census data for the year 2011 showed that almost 20% of Americans between the ages of 25 to 34 were living with their parents. For those aged 18 to 24, the number is 59% of men and 50% of women.

Tripp’s environmental dimension is the best he could ever desire, as he lives in the same house ever since he was 6 years old but his psychological dimension is affecting the rest of his life and making him unable to desire a family. Paula-the girl who is paid to make Tripp fall in love with him- explains that since "young men develop self-esteem best during a romantic episode," she places herself in Tripps path and nudges along a romance.

What Paula does not understand is that his biological dimension isn’t effecting him as he has a lot of self esteem and is sexually mature, what is affecting him is his psychological dimension because of the loss of his ex- fiance. Because of this loss, his psychological dimension affected all the other dimensions especially the cultural-sociological dimension at the age of 35, he is expected to be married and because of his trouble in the psychological dimension it made it hard for him to leave the nest. As he notices that Paula is “getting serious” he takes her to his parents house to dump her, because that is how he dumps all of his other girlfriends who begin to become serious, but Paula is determined to make him leave his parents house, so she does not react to the fact he is living with his parents.

As the film goes on and Tripp figures out Paula’s little scheme, his psychological...
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