Failure of Appeasement

Topics: Nazi Germany, World War II, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: May 30, 2013
In the 1930s, appeasement was widely used by Britain and France to satisfy Germany’s demands by negotiation and compromises to prevent war. However, this method was clearly ineffective due to Hitler’s already existing determination to achieve a greater Germany. This determination caused Hitler to act aggressively in his attacks in order to succeed in his aims which led to the failure of Britain and France’s attempt of negotiation. Hitler was also hard to appease and made unreasonable demands which led to the failure of the appeasement. However, Hitler had no intentions to be appeased from the very beginning and did not take it seriously. He had his own goals and he was determined to succeed in any way. Appeasement was just slowing him down. Agreeing to the appeasement was just for show and it ended up a failure as Hitler never serious about compromising his demands with Britain and France. Thus, I agree to a large extend that the failure of appeasement to prevent World War 2 was the result of Nazi aggression, but it also failed because Hitler never had intentions to compromise his demands in the very first place. Hitler’s determination to achieve a better Germany caused Nazi aggression which led to the failure of appeasement. The appeasement policy encouraged Hitler to act aggressively and each time he was appeased, it inflated his appetite and confidence to act aggressively to achieve his aims. At the same time, any act of appeasement stood little chance of satisfying him. He would always want more and the more he was appeased, he more aggressive he became to get what he wanted. The appeasement policy also made him more confident his is plans and it also made Britain and France look weak. Thus, instead of controlling peace and negotiating Hitler’s demands, the appeasement policy made Hitler more determined and confident causing him to act aggressively which attacking Poland. This destroyed the appeasement policy’s main aim of preventing a general war and thus...
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