Facts About the Boeing and the Airbus Aircrafts

Topics: Boeing 747, Airbus A380, Airbus A340 Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: May 19, 2013

a) The Airbus A380
It’s the largest double deck wide body four engine aircraft with a carrying capacity of 850 passengers max. It was manufactured by the Airbus Company and it holds the title as the largest commercial Aircraft in the sky surpassing the 747 Jumbo Jet. Manufacture started in January 23rd 2002 (the 1st metal was cut on that day). Three continents took part in the manufacturing process; Germany (tail fin & the aft of the fuselage), France (cockpit & the fuselage up to the mid-section), Spain (tail cone & the elevators) and the United Kingdom (the wings). Its 1st flight was on 27th April 2005. Commercial service didn’t start until October 2007 with Singapore Airlines being its first customer.

b) The Boeing 747 series
It’s the 2nd largest commercial Aircraft in the sky with a set of four engines and an extended double deck on which the upper part houses the 1st class section. Built by the Boeing company, this jet can reach speeds of up to mach 0.85 (920kmh) and can carry a maximum of 660 passengers. Its 1st flight was on February 9th 1969 inside the largest mega factory in the world. It was built in an era when supersonic aircrafts were in demand. Commercial service wasn’t until 1970 with PANAM Air being the first customer.

c) The Boeing 777 series
It’s a long range extended fuselage Aircraft built by the Boeing Company and can carry a maximum of 550 passengers. Initially it began as a tri-jet design competing with the likes of DC-10 (MD 11 nowadays) and the Lockheed Tristar whereby this design carried a maximum of 175 passengers in the 1970’s. Since the tri-jet design had a lot flaws, this design was compromised and cancelled. Boeing strived to come up with a new design and it was during this phase that their competitors, the Airbus Company came up with the A330 and the A340. Boeing later unleashed the new 777 extended range series. This was the only...
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