Factors When Planning Indoor and Outdoor Activities

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  • Published : October 17, 2012
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CYP 3.4 – 1.1

There are various factors you need to take into account when planning indoor and outdoor activities healthily and safely. First of all, when planning an activity, you need to make sure that that certain activity is in the right environment. For example, if you wanted the children to use scooters and bikes you would make sure they were placed outdoors as there wouldn’t be suitable space indoors. The individual needs, age and abilities of the children are also very important. Some children would not be able to do certain activities as they may have special needs such as being in a wheelchair etc… an activity needs to meet all the children’s needs, not just a few. Also, younger children may not be able to do activities that are suitable for older children as they may get hurt. Also, the practitioners may have specific risks such as being pregnant so they wouldn’t be able to do certain activities with the children. Children who also have sensory impairments such as being blind or deaf need to be taken into account as clear spaces need to be assured and activities need to counter for them also. As said above, the environment needs to meet the services being offered. For a child to develop well, the environment needs to meet their needs. For example, a cramped environment isn’t going to help them develop to the best they can. Also, practitioners need to make sure their duty of care for the children is at the highest level. When planning activities such as painting or making food, they should make sure that the children’s hands are washed and that they wear an apron so as to not get messy. It is also best if parents are also in the know of what their children will be doing in the day and if they have any objections it can be noted. The desired outcomes for both the practitioners and children are that the children gain the best care. These outcomes can be gained through the EYFS and every child matters along with a stable environment that the children...
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