Factors That Influence Student to Failure

Topics: Emotion, Teacher, Psychology Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: January 1, 2013
The level of success a student can achieve depends on several different things. Below, you will find some of the more common ones. • The individual child's intelligence has the most significant affect on their ability to do well in school. Without the mental capacity to comprehend and retain information, they will not enjoy the same level of success that other children do. In some cases providing them with a tutor can help.

• Desire to learn. If a child is uninterested in school or learning, the impact is a very serious one. The best school, teachers and supplies can not force a child to become interested in education, nor can it make them apply themselves to their school work.

• Behavioral problems can play a role in the student's academic work. ADD, ADHD, and certain emotional issues can make it extremely difficult for the child to focus, absorb the information, and complete the work required.

• Teacher's ability also plays a large part in how well a child is able to do. If they are paired with a teacher who is uninterested in helping them, unapproachable, ineffective, or otherwise incompetent, that will directly affect the child's school work.

• Diet is an often overlooked factor that is so important. If a child is hungry, they will have difficulty thinking about much else. Foods with lots of sugar contribute to hyperactivity, which has a negative affect of their ability to stay on task.

• Home-life plays a crucial role, as well. Children who live in physically, sexually, or emotionally abusive homes have a greater chance of viewing education in a negative manner. Without strong role models to encourage them, it is difficult to convince the child that education is important to their future.

• Friends factor in heavily. When a child has friends who do not take education seriously, goof off in class, skip school and show signs of other negative behaviors, peer pressure all too often takes control.

• Drug or alcohol abuse is becoming a larger...
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