Factors That Influence College Students of Dela Salle Lipa in Choosing Communication Program

Topics: Education, Gender, Decision making software Pages: 2 (297 words) Published: January 27, 2012
Factors that influence College students of Dela Salle Lipa in choosing Communication Program By Lester Garcia and Joselle Segismundo of Dela Salle Lipa

* There are factors that influence a student in choosing a communication program. * There is a dilemma on which course to take. A bright future is considered. * Student’s age, gender, income, hobbies and interests are considered.

* DLSU Lipa has been offering AB Communication since 2002 like Broadcasting, Journalism, PR, Film, etc.

This study aims to:
* Know the demographic profile of respondents
* Factors that influence the first year respondents
* Their expectations

* Reynolds (personal interest)
* Baumerster (values)
* Taylor (gender differences)

Theoretical framework
Human action approach model

Conceptual Framework
Man: student -> Choice B: AB Comm. ->Enroll in AB Comm. -> Working in comm. related field

* Descriptive method
* 51 respondents (2 sections)
* 1st year AB comm. students (2010-2011)
* Survey questionnaire conducted in classroom

Discussion of Data
* The comm. course is female dominated. 80.39% of respondents are female. * 29.41% 17 years old
* 100,000-300,000php annual income
* Hobbies: 62.75% editing pictures, 58.82% watching news, 52.915 watching mainstream TV and film * 45% have good English skills, 39.22% skilled in lay-outing, 37.25% good writing skills * Want to be: 1. Layout designer 2. Writers 3. Photographers

* Course choice is influenced by many factors like personal interest, abilities, educational background, future employment and future plans

* The industry is dominated by women
* Their first years are fit to the course because they have background.

* Entice men to enroll in AB Comm.
* Students should assess themselves
* Institution should offer career orientation
* There should...
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